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​   2670 Pacer Lane San Jose CA 95111

   The most trusted shop in the auto body area.


 Continuous Innovation and Ever Evolution. 


  1. Looking for a local auto 

  collision repair specialist you

  can trust? Look no further!

  2. We’re the most friendly and

  honest team in San Jose and   

  the South Bay Area.

  3. Having the greatest Auto 

  Collision Technicians who are     passionate team members to 

  help  you in any emergency

  situations with your automotive

  service requests.

   4. Final Results will be

   backed by Life-Time

  Guarantees at no costs to


Superior Quality Recognitions.


​   1.One of the best Auto    

  Collision Repair Specialist in    San Jose City and the South      Bay Area.


   2.Offering superior quality   

   repair and refinishing options   

   near you.

   3.It's the most convenient way

   to keep your car in a great   

   shape and at the top condition  

   with us.

   4. Provide Complimentary 

   After-Hour Supports and

   Accurate Collision Repair

   Assessment and much more

  options for individuals and

  partners who are looking for

  superior quality and great value

  at a fair price.


​     OPENing    



          Monday - Friday:          

        9:00 am-6:30 pm


     Saturday: 9:30 am - 5 pm


     Night Drop-off Available


    Weekends and Holidays by  

           appointments only.


     1. BNB Automotive

  Refinishing Technique is proven    to be the best since day one.

   2. With well trained,  

   experienced and dedicated

​     professionals, we commit to  

   provide the best automotive  

    refinishing results to all  


  3. Positioning our team as

     your experts in the  

    Automotive Refinishing.

   Our works are backed  by the    highest ratings for nearly a                   decade.